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Jelly Tots 2 - 3 Years Old

The Jelly Tots room caters for 20 of our 2-3 year olds each day. Within the Jelly Tots room, the children are becoming more independent and staff are starting to notice key interest for the children. They then use these interests to plan learning experiences in all the key areas. Children are becoming more independent within this room with their toilet training which is supported with the staff in the room.

The children love to participate in lots of messy play e.g. gloop, flour play, water play, sand play and pasta play, to name a few. We also have lots of art and craft resources which the children have access to and various adult- led art and craft activities on a daily basis. They do a lot of baking and cooking activities where the children can make their own snack and taste what they made.

We have a range of different areas such as a story corner with a wide variety of story books, song books, musical instruments and puppets to help children to develop their communication and social skills. We have a separate computer area which children can participate in learning games through ICT as this helps to develop their hand-eye co-ordination skills. Children from a young age learn through imitation so we have a small world area with farm, dolls house etc as well as a large home corner where children can take on a variety of roles. A lot of under 3’s activities use a lot of sensory skills so we have a sensory area where children can explore various objects using their senses to learn and this is made up with natural materials including wood, metal etc.

Jelly Tots participate in Mini Kickers on a Tuesday Afternoon where they have the opportunity to develop their football skills. The 2-3’s also take part in Dance Class with Tracy from Little Sunshine on a Wednesday Afternoon.

Staff within the room plan, observe, monitor and evaluate using North Lanarkshire’s Birth to 3 documents – ‘Effective Early Development & Learning. The critical period from birth to 3 years.’ And the Pre Birth to Three document. We plan this based on the children’s interest and they have an input in their planning through the use of floor books. The children are encouraged to learn through play and curiosity. Throughout the day your child will be encouraged to develop their knowledge and independence through praise and encouragement.

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Parent Testimonials

  • My little girl started a couple weeks ago now and is settling in great.. staff are really friendly and helpful.. looking forward to seeing how Rhea progresses now!

    L Parker

  • My little girl has just finished her first week of 2 full days at tannoch tots. I am honestly so overwhelmed by how much she loves the place. The staff are second to none. I am beyond chuffed with how much she has settles and how well both she and I get on with the staff. Cannot recommend enough! And absolutely loving her wee personal diary. Makes me feel a lot more at ease about leaving her when I get a wee diary of her day when I pick her up!

    J MacKinnon

  • My wee girl has just joined the nursery and the staff have been amazing with her and so friendly. Would highly recommend the nursery

    L McAleenan

  • Lovely friendly staff, fantastic with the children. I was really impressed with the nursery and my son is really looking forward to starting this week. After his couple of settle in days last week he’s been asking every day if he can go back

    K Ellis

  • Fabulous nursery! Caring helpful and flexible lovely place to grow and learn my little boy loves it and knows exactly where he’s going when we arrive.

    S MacDonald