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Welcome to Tannoch Tots Nursery

At Tannoch Tots Nursery we focus on enabling children to become leaders of their own learning, supporting staff in achieving their goals and fully involving families in ensuring their nursery is the best.

We follow the ‘Realising the Ambition’ and ‘Curriculum for Excellence’, which enables us to provide best practice learning experiences and opportunities whilst supporting the children at their age and stage of their developmental journey.

Tannoch Tots Nursery is accredited with the Curiosity Approach. Our environment supports this by having open-ended resources, loose parts and our mindful approach enables children to investigate, explore and be curious at their own pace and following their own style.

Curiosity is the innate drive in early years and as mindful educators it is our role to ignite the spark of knowledge through curiosity, awe and wonder.

At Tannoch Tots Nursery we strive to provide exciting, engaging and relevant learning experiences for all children. The needs and characteristics of children in their early years, particularly the under threes are complex and change dramatically, with the first two years being ones of rapid growth. Therefore, every child attending our Nursery will be treated as an individual and we will aim to develop learning opportunities by catering for individual needs and using a responsive approach. Children are given opportunities to build friendships, gain confidence, and develop a sense of independence.

Our Full Staff Team have a wealth of experience, formal qualifications and skills and are actively encouraged to attend Continual Professional Development Training which ensures that our learning environment is always fresh and innovative.

There are also well equipped garden areas which give children opportunities to develop physical skills, enjoy a feeling of well being and take part in many activities. Children are encouraged to use the outdoor area regardless of weather conditions as we believe that, in our natural environment, we can develop children into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

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